Towards a future-proof climate database for European energy system studies


In 2013, the European Network of Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for Electricity (ENTSO-E) created the Pan-European Climate Database (PECD), a tool that has underpinned most studies conducted by TSOs ever since. So far, the different versions of the PECD have used so-called modern-era “reanalysis” products that represent a gridded amalgamation of historical conditions from observations. However, scientific evidence suggests, and recent European regulation requires, that power system adequacy studies should take climate change into account when estimating the future potential of variable renewable resources, such as wind, solar and hydro, and the impact of temperature on electricity demand. This paper explains the need for future climate data in energy systems studies and provides high-level recommendations for building a future-proof reference climate dataset for TSOs, not just in Europe, but also globally.

Enviromental Research Letters
This paper has been submitted for publication, more will follow soon!
Laurens Stoop
Laurens Stoop
PhD Researcher

My research interests are in energy meteorology, data analysis and renewable energy systems.